Tereza Delphina

Byron Bay and Online

Currently doing sessions from - Philippines


My name is Tereza.

I’m a psychic reader, a breath work instructor and a passionate freediver. 

I have always had a deep desire to understand myself and the world I live in. I love discovering the layers of how all things are related and connected, seeing all the potentials in which we can heal and life can blossom. 

I have had the privilege to study under Vicki and Dr Jon Veranese from I of RA, School of Consciousness and Embodiment. It was under their teachings and guidance that I learned not only how to read through water, but also the artistry of being a reader.

I am always seeking to understand myself, my life and to create a more joyful life experience.

I want to help you do the same.

If you are looking for answers, for an understanding of your experience, need help in letting go of the past or insight for creating an enriching future, I would love to be that support for you.


Are you feeling stuck? Do you long for a greater understanding of a particular event or relationship in your life? Are you at a crossroads or do you just want to feel inspired again? Then these sessions could be for you.

Using the element of water, I become the conduit between the seen and the unseen. I am able to connect the dots and get the heart of what is happening for you and around you.

Elegant in its simplicity, these readings have depth and go straight to the truth. They have the potential to inspire genuine healing and transformation. It can be utilised to answer specific questions and untangle deeper feelings that you may be experiencing.

Sessions can also include post session check-ins

Available both Online and In-Person.



Group Breathwork and Ice Bath Sessions returning soon…

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Water Divination

30 Minute Session - $90

60 Minute Session - $150

Available both In-Person and Online

Water Divination Session for Couples

60 Minute Session - $170

Available both In-Person and Online


3 x 60 minute Sessions - $400 (save $50)

4 x 60 minute Sessions - $525 (save $75)

5 x 60 minute Sessions - $650 (save $100)

(excl. couple sessions)
Available both In-Person and Online

Group Breathwork & Ice Bath Sessions

Wednesday Morning Sessions in Byron Bay - $40 pp
(returning soon)