Tereza Delphina

In-Person and Online

Currently doing sessions from - Camotes, Philippines


Water is alive. In connecting to the element of water, I become the conduit between the seen and the unseen.

The Water and I provide a place for you to feel safe. Open up and together we will help you unravel all that is knotted up. And, in the process, help you realise you’re not crazy, that you knew “it” all along and that you can actually see the path ahead of you. 

The Water and I provide not only insight but support. Tangible ways how to approach a problem, a process to a desired outcome and ways to help you feel more like yourself.

Sessions include post-reading check-ins x



                                 WISDOM OF THE WATER

                               Mermaid & Freedive Retreat

Have you ever yearned to become a Mermaid? Have you been drawn to deepen your connection with Water?  Refine your freediving skills and develop greater confidence descending into the ocean? 

Give yourself the inspiring experience of being part of this exclusive retreat, set in luxurious Grecian waters from September 13-20, 2024.

Join power houses Dominique Abraham and Tereza Delphina as they combine their expertise in Freediving, Mermaiding, Breathwork, Water Readings and Personal Transformation. Together they weave the internal world with the external to unlock greater joy and freedom in your self expression.

Wisdom of the Water Retreat is designed to help you find deeper confidence in the water, help you blossom in your creativity and remember that life is a wonderful experience when you just let go and celebrate who you are.


I’m Tereza!

I’m a psychic reader, a breath work instructor and a passionate freediver. A year ago I decided to live nomadically and wildly pursue the life of my dreams.

My life has been a technicolour combination of full spectrum “I will never recover” moments, to experiences that genuinely made me believe in life again.

My life and my work has taught me a lot. But the magic in my life really started to engage when I decided to drop everything and just LIVE.

I’m super grateful to have learned my skills through the incredible teachings of Vicki and Jon Veranese from I of RA, School of Consciousness and Embodiment.

It was under their guidance that I learned not only how to read through water, but also learn the artistry of being a reader.

Freediving and Breathwork also provided me with inspiration and has become an incredible avenue for personal transformation. 

I love what I do. Let me help you love yourself and your life too. 


Water Divination

30 Minute Session - $90

60 Minute Session - $150

Available online and in-person

Water Divination Session for Couples

60 Minute Session - $170

Available online and in-person


3 x 60 minute Sessions - $400 (save $50)

4 x 60 minute Sessions - $525 (save $75)

5 x 60 minute Sessions - $650 (save $100)

(Only applicable to individuals, not couples)

Wisdom of the Water - Mermaid and Freedive Retreat

If this is a vibe for you, get in touch! We'd love you to be part of what will be a luxurious experience.