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My Name is Tereza Delphina

I’ve always been drawn to all things metaphysical since I was very young. So many experiences have lead me to what I do today, but above all it’s the teachings of Vicki and Jon Veranese from I of RA School of Consciousness and Embodiment that has given me the foundation and principles that my work is built on.

In addition to teaching me how to divine through water and how to work with energy, Vicki & Jon taught me about Essence: You, all the back to Source, and how to let it guide and inform me from my own truth. 

Although I have been doing readings and healings for years now, my work is constantly evolving along with my own development. The culmination of my experiences have resulted services designed to help you heal and return to your Self.


These healing sessions began in the form of traditional Reiki (channeling Universal Life Force through the laying of hands). These sessions are now based on the principles of The I of RA School of Consciousness and Embodiment and take a form that is unique to me.

Essence: You, all the way back to Source

Essence Reiki: a gentle form of multi-dimensional, hands-on healing that is held and directed by my Essence.

This gentle, non-invasive healing modality is great for alleviating physical ailments, bringing clarity to mental stress, relief to emotional troubles and restoring balance to your health and wellbeing.

The aim of Essence Reiki is to shift all that does not serve you and to restore internal (and therefore external) harmony, enabling you to live your life in greater alignment with who you truly are.


Water Scrying (as taught from I of RA School of Consciousness and Embodiment) is a beautiful modality that is a simple, clear and profound way to read energy.

Using the element of water, I become a conduit between the seen and the unseen. I am able to “see” what is happening in the inside as well as the outside.

These readings is to get to the core of any issue/situation that may be out of alignment or holding you back in your life. By identifying any blockages and gaining an understanding of the deeper truths they may hold, not only do you begin to better understand yourself and the issue/situation at hand, but you can find solutions you need within them.

These readings can help you gain clarity, heal and inspire genuine transformations.

Please know that Readings done online are just as potent as when done in-person!


Essence Reiki with a Reading

60 Minute Session - $120

Includes a 40 minute Essence Reiki Treatment & 20 Minute Water Reading

90 Minute Session - $150

Includes a 60 minute Essence Reiki Treatment & 30 Minute Water Reading

Essence Reiki

60 Minute Session - $120

Includes a 60 minute Essence Reiki Treatment

Water Divination - Individual & Couples

30 Minute Session - $70

60 Minute Session - $120

Online Readings & Distance Healings

30 Minute Water Reading - $70 60 Minute Water Reading - $120

30 Minute Distance Healing with 30 Minute Water Reading - $120