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My Name is Tereza Delphina

I’ve always been drawn to all things metaphysical since I was very young. So many experiences have lead me to what I do today, but above all it’s the teachings of Vicki and Jon Veranese from I of RA School of Consciousness and Embodiment that has given me the foundation and principles that my work is built on.

In addition to teaching me how to divine through water and how to work with energy, Vicki & Jon taught me about Essence: You, all the back to Source, and how to let it guide and inform me from my own truth. 

Although I have been doing readings and healings for years now, my work is constantly evolving along with my own development. The culmination of my experiences have resulted services designed to help you heal and return to your Self.


Using the element of water, I become the conduit between the seen and the unseen. I am able to connect the dots and get the heart of what is happening within you and around you.

Elegant in its simplicity, these readings have depth and quality, and have the potential to inspire genuine healing and transformation. It can be utilised to answer specific questions and untangle deeper issues that you may be experiencing.

If you need closure, desire greater understanding of a particular event or relationship in your life, are at a crossroads or just need to feel inspired, then these sessions could be for you.

Available both Online and In-Person.





Group Breathwork Journey’s and Private Breathwork Sessions coming soon….


Water Divination

30 Minute Session - $80

60 Minute Session - $140

Available both In-Person and Online

Water Divination Session for Couples

60 Minute Session - $160

Available both In-Person and Online

Group Breathwork Sessions

Coming Soon

Private Breathwork Sessions

Coming Soon